At Ink and Lasers, we are a small, design oriented shop with over 20 years of history of creating great frames. We’ll listen to your needs and together, we will make the right choices for your art.

We pay attention to detail and employ the latest framing techniques suited to the media.  We use the finest, museum-quality materials to not only enhance the design, but to protect and preserve you artwork for year to come.  We value the trust that you place in us with our artwork and take great care in storing and handling the pieces while in our shop.

To that end, you can rest easy, as your artwork will never get lost of damaged in transit as all work is done in-house.  Our designers and framer enjoy close communication to make sure that your project comes out perfect.

Need a frame today? No problem. We carry wide selection of frame mouldings in stock and can do same day turn around in most cases. Wide Budget Range Without Sacrificing Quality – With all the choices here we can certainly find something to suit your budget and style. No matter what size the job we always do top quality work with a keen eye for detail.

We honestly believe in taking care of our customers and helping them find the framing that’s right for them. Whether it’s big or small we are happy to help you with your framing needs.

Custom Framing

In our showroom, we provide complete and expert framing of your paintings, prints, drawing, posters, and photographs. While beautiful materials and craftsmanship are indispensable….a picture can only be well-framed if it’s in a well-made frame as the frame must serve the picture by protecting it as well as aesthetically enhancing it.

With more than 20 years experience, The Award and Frame Shop takes pride in its expertise as a custom framer. From design, to frame making, to fitting the picture into the frame in a suitable protective package, the entire framing project is executed with knowledge care and expertise.

Custom Mat Boards

When it comes to mat boards, beauty is more than skin deep.  A well chosen mat can play an essential role in your custom framing project whether you are framing an original drawing or painting, a photograph, or sentimental piece of personal memorabilia. It supports both the style you are trying to create as well as the function or protective properties of the framing treatment, impacting the item you are framing for years to come.

The Awards and Frame Shop has invested in the most advanced computerized mat cutting technology available in the marketplace.  Using you selected mat board, we are able to transform it into a piece of art that will enhance and compliment your framing project.  Our computerized system allows us to create shapes, angles and designs that would not be possible to do by hand.  Our goal is to create to work with you as our client to create a truly unique piece of art that will last for generations to come.

Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are are great way to display and protect your most prized treasures.

A shadow box can be built to any size to accommodate any kind of item.  From something as small as a coin, to large jerseys, flags or quilts.  A shadow box will keep your treasures preserved, and safe from dust and other airborne pollutants.

  • Memorial Flags
  • Service Patches
  • Military and Sports Medals
  • Weapons (Swords, Firearms)
  • Coins
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Diplomas with Tassels
  • Varsity Letters
  • Vinyl LPs, CDs and Jackets